Remembering the days when I was a teenager I can see a little further and so be able to help and accompany in this process both parents and the same main actors that are our young children… The main role of a parent is to accompany them in this process. From ages eleven to sixteen they start seeing changes, these changes are physical, psychological and even social, all of them being equally important. «Changes», is the word used to best describe this period of time. It starts off with questions; what should I do if I get my period? Should I shave? the mood changes, the things that they used to enjoy may not seem as exciting anymore, odors and acne will appear, the process is different for everyone but don’t worry because this is just for a period of time.


The girls, their hips will get wider, their breasts will grow, which is why it is recommended to get a bra or an undershirt depending on the age. They’ll get vaginal fluid (transparent and white). It’ll be the time for their first period, and with that, the possibility of pregnancy too if they are sexually active. If you’re a parent and you’re reading this, you should talk to your kid about this topic.

Now for the boys, they get broader shoulders, they’ll grow a beard and a mustache, their voices get deeper and they start ejaculating and just like girls if they are sexually active they can impregnate a girl.

Also during this phase, emotions and new feelings may appear, the famous «butterflies in my stomach» and for this too heartbreaks will appear. This is why the following is important: Reinforce their self-esteem, allow them to say how they feel, give them space, believe in them, make them feel capable but also set clear limits.

If you’re a teenager reading this… I know that at this stage in your life you feel conflicted between whether following your parents’ rules or not..or «its better to be a rebel without a cause and everything will be forgiven because of what I’m going through». I have something to tell you, that may be true or maybe not, what I can assure you is that apart from your family that does everything for you because they love you, there’s also your future, your self-esteem, and your responsibility to take care of yourself, not only because of them but because of you, if you see it this way you’ll be able to go through any obstacle.

Maybe your priority right now is to be cool, but I got news for you…in this stage of your life where the physical part of you is changing, you are more likely to consume substances, more prone to fall to peer pressure, to bully others or be a victim of bullying.

The best thing that you could do right now is to pay attention to your guardians, allow yourself to be guided and let them know what you are feeling or if there’s any problem that you’re going through. This is the only way to cooperate with your parents’ role to make you a great man or woman for the future Remember this process is not the same for everyone, some may be a bit early while others might be a bit later. And you’re responsible for your own future.

Traducción: Isabella Martínez Mendizábal

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